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Analecta Hermeneutica

Analecta Hermeneutica is the annual refereed journal of the International Institute for Hermeneutics (IIH). It provides an intellectual forum for interdisciplinary, inter-religious, and international hermeneutic research. The journal publishes research in the form of articles, reviews, and other scholarly contributions in all hermeneutically related fields, with a particular focus on philosophy, theology, and comparative literature. We invite scholars from various linguistic communities to contribute innovative and critical articles to the hermeneutic conversation. For further information, visit our Aims and Scope page.

Greetings from the Editors

As the journal of the International Institute of Hermeneutics (IIH), it is the mission of Analecta Hermeneutica to provide a space for the most current and sophisticated thinking about all matters concerned with human being together initiated by the claims of philosophical hermeneutics. We inherit twelve years of exemplary work from Sean McGrath who edited Analecta Hermeneutica since co-founding the journal in 2009. We are grateful to have, in Professor McGrath’s excellent work, such a promising trajectory for the journal’s future and a rich archive of issues curated by his studious hand. For a hermeneutics yet to come, the question is and will remain not if we are hermeneutical at heart but rather how accomplished will our hermeneutics be in the 21st century and beyond? This pressing question, one attendant to every other question addressing us, arises from the very structure of our being-in-the-world; indeed, as Gadamer reminds us:

“. . . interpretation does not occur as an activity in the course of life, but is the form of human life.” We much look forward the challenges and pleasures of editing future issues where it be necessary both to critique and edify various forms of life that stands as the impetus to practice hermeneutic philosophy.

Open Book

Current Issue

The Hermeneutics of Artifical Intelligence

Guest Editors: Joshua D.F. Hooke, Sean McGrath, Joachim Rathmann and George Saad

The main concern articulated by the Working Group on Intelligence was never the headline grabbing question, "are we about to be replaced in evolution by our machines?" but rather the far more pedestrian and genuinely disturbing theme that we have already surrendered much of our work, our play, our culture, and indeed our governance to a very limited rule-following apparatus . . . 

Image by Patrick Tomasso

Call for Papers

Volume 17 (2025) Rethinking Patient-Centered Care: Exploring the Interpretive

and Relational Nature of Clinical Practice

Guest Editor: Nicole Piemonte, Creighton University

Deadline: 01 January 2025

Hermeneutics as a philosophical framework emphasizes the interpretive and relational aspects of human experience. This framework is particularly relevant to healthcare, as practitioners engage in the complex task of interpreting patients' stories, symptoms, and experiences to provide the right care for the particular patient before them. Medicine, therefore, emerges not only as an applied science, but also as an interpretive, relational, and narrative practice deeply intertwined with values, emotions, and convictions.

We seek contributions from those within the interdisciplinary heart of hermeneutics, as well as from practitioners across healthcare disciplines.

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Submit a Proposal

If you're interested in guest editing an issue and to be considered for future calls, please prepare the following items and send them to us at

  • Personal information: First name, last name, email address, and institution/affiliation

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Brief academic biography for editing the proposed issue

  • Issue title/theme

  • Proposal (up to 500 words)

  • Description of how this theme supports our aims and scope

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