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Blue Smoke

Volume 8 (2016)

The Philosophy of Michel Henry

edited by Roberto Formisano and Garth W. Green

Table of Contents

While Michel Henry is, in the words of Jean Leclercq, “l’un des plus grands
penseurs français du XXème siècle,” his philosophical contributions remained,
throughout his career, anomalous or eccentric, in the etymological sense of that term. Still today, a perduring hermeneutic approach to his philosophy remains itself, in a certain and salient sense, extraneous or external. Such an approach characterized Jean Lacroix’s (positive, or affirmative) proclamation, in 1966, of Henry as “le nouveau Bergson.” It continues today when Dominique Janicaud interprets Henry (negatively, or critically) in light of a “tournant théologique,” as a principal proponent of the “theologism of phenomenology.”


Reviews & Notices

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