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Call for Papers
Volume 16: Hermeneutics and Melville
Guest Editor: Christopher Hanlon
Extended Deadline: 01 March 2024

Mocha Dick Alamy NYT.jpeg

“Champollion deciphered the wrinkled granite hieroglyphics. But there is no Champollion to decipher the Egypt of every man’s and every being’s face. Physiognomy, like every other human science, is but a passing fable. If then, Sir William Jones, who read in thirty languages, could not read the simplest peasant’s face in its profounder and more subtle meanings, how may unlettered Ishmael hope to read the awful Chaldee of the Sperm Whale’s brow? I but put that brow before you. Read it if you can.” —Moby-Dick, 1851

We invite submissions exploring the potential connections between hermeneutical philosophy and the writings of Herman Melville. 

Opportunities for IIH Members
Call for Papers: Theory of Architecture as Hermeneutics
The Spanish-Argentinean architecture magazine Astrágalo opens a call for papers for the reception of articles for the monograph "Theory of Architecture as Hermeneutics" whose guest editor is Professor Alberto Pére-G
ómez, IIH Professor Honoris Causa. 

  • 15 May 2024: deadline for article submissions

  • 15 July 2024: deadline for external reviewers

  • 30 September 2024: decision deadline from article submission 

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